Jenny Landgren

I keep it real and do authentic connections

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About Me

Welcome, I’m Jenny.

As CEO of NARA Communications and Vice President of Europe Operations for The Breath Framework™, I guide clients worldwide on the journey of reclaiming their lives…

They are CEOs, managers, and employees all sharing the human experience of knowing suffering in one way or another. I meet them where they are and hold absolute safe space for them. I present the deeper psychological understanding they need for themselves and others, as well as tools for communication. 

A series of events woke me up to reclaim my life in a most powerful way. It’s been the most amazing journey of EXPANSION.

I’m a Mother of three, Multi-Published Leadership Author, and Behavioral Science Expert for management and business development.

Whenever I coach or counsel, I make sure everyone understands their power of influence in any situation. I believe in the power of connection.

You would not have recognized me five years ago...

I see the woman I was.
I deeply love her. I learned to love her. I used to shame her

~ Jenny Landgren


Congratulations to award recipient Jenny Landgren! 

The Women of Enlightenment Award is an award given to a woman who inspires others from the level of her Soul. These women have done their own inner work and consider themselves a work in progress. 

They are world leaders who share their struggles and wisdom in a most powerful and individual way. I’m sure you will enjoy the video interviews posted on the JenuineLifeCoach website and Jen-U-ine Conversations YouTube Channel.

Linda Vettrus-Nichols
CEO Evolutionary Healer, LLC

Topics I Discuss


Guiding you towards reconnecting with your authentic ”yes” and ”no”, leading a life of integrity and expanding your sphere of influence.

Toxic relationships

Leading the way for you to step back into choice and reclaim your voice and power.


Leading you through the landscape of healing from loss, creating a new and powerful roadmap for your life’s journey.

Healing from Narcissistic and sexual abuse

Teaching you on abusive communication and how to successfully navigate through it. Letting go of shame and stigma towards freeing your mind and reclaiming your body.

Leadership transformation

Supporting you on the path towards your own authentic vision, a deeper sense of clarity and effective steps of action in both business and life.

Healing from Trauma

Helping you figure out your triggers and responses, coming back to a life of peace, fulfilment and internal notion of safety.

Public speaking

Taking you by the hand while you explore and grow in appreciation for your own voice as well as the powerful confidence in sharing it.


Being your guiding partner while you explore your unique psychology, core values and inner compass, to reclaim the driver seat and take out intentional direction in moving forward.

We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.