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We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.

My clients know first hand how our professional relationship is an in-depth, personal co-creating experience of learning and transformation.  

With extensive experience in coaching, I create individual plans for each client based on their unique journey’s and goals. 

It is one of my greatest joys that I get to coach people in all areas of business and life. Such as recovering from abuse, going through major transitions like divorce or grieving the loss of a loved one.

Also leadership development, building communicative strategies when facing friction and conflicts at work, orienting in a new field, exploring core values, intrapersonal and interpersonal psychology, balancing goal oriented and process oriented skills… as well as creating purpose and a deeper sense of self. 

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Safe space to embark on your own journey of transformation through time spent 1:1 with me. I have experience from coaching clients through the raw realities.


Training & Speaking

As a former Teacher within the fields of leadership, communication, and behavioral science in higher as well as vocational education there have been plenty of opportunities for me to explore and grow as a leader and as a human being. I will design an event/training aligned with your needs and goals while being your partner towards fulfillment, getting you and your team to where you need to go.

I also do a number of speaking engagements, reach out and let me know what you need.


What Others Are Saying

"Rarely have I encountered a professional as motivated, compassionate and forward-thinking as Jenny. Her solid work ethic, perseverance, integrity and extraordinary ability to deliver beyond expectations again and again is beyond reproach. Jenny has perfected the art of active listening (an invaluable and rare skill). Approaching every challenge with dedication and enthusiasm is not only noteworthy, but serves as motivation and inspiration to many."


"I had the opportunity to work with Jenny Landgren as an International Speaker of a webinar titled "Engineering in the 21st Century - People Centric Conflict Avoidance". In the time we have been connected, she has shown great patience and dedication. I wish her a great future and success."

Mr. Hemal Patel, HOD - Applied Sciences and Humanities, Parul University

"Jenny is a soul centered inspired leader, she reaches deep within from her personal and professional life experience to be able to reach others like no one else can. Jenny has a unique and powerful way to reach people's core issues and guide them through all situations. Jenny is one of the people that I respect and admire most in the world."

Chief Strategy Officer & Guide, Annie Leib LLC

"Jenny Landgren is all heart and leads like a lion that will hold you accountable to yourself with love and kindness. I would highly recommend anyone looking for someone who is thriving through their life experience to reach out and work with her. Jenny always lives in her truth."

Michael Padurano, Co-Founder and guide, The connected consultant